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Logo Recognition


Logos sometimes also known as trademark have high importance in today's marketing world. Products, companies and different gaming leagues are often recognized by their respective logos.

Media Olam brings a logo detection solution system based on Ipharro's patented logo detection software, based on a mathematical algorithm, capable of detecting logos in high-motion situations.


The detection of salient image points and their description in terms of local properties or features is an important task useful for many applications like stereo matching and tracking. A characterization respective description of a local point neighborhood in terms of invariant features becomes even more important for stereo matching when the camera baseline increases and more distortion is introduced between images of the same local image patch. In this case similarity measures like local gray value correlation will often fail because skewing and rotation can not be handled by these simple algorithms anymore.


The solution recognizes any number of instances.

It's an automatic process. You can get statistics and any kind of output.

Supports N channels during capturing. Live or recorded events.


You can start from a basic setup for one channel as a SaaS configuration up to a complete solution with additional channels and features.

Solution based on NVIDIA CUDA development platform.