Media Asset Manager //

Cantemo Portal

Cantemo Portal is Cantemo’s full-featured cross-platform Media Asset Management system. It’s a feature-rich, easy-to-use web-based asset management solution, which integrates well with common NLEs like Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere.
It provides features like smooth migration from Final Cut Server using our CP Migration Tool integration with Archiware PresSTORE for archiving on disk or tape incredibly fast google-like searches tight NLE integration with Apple FCP 7, FCP X and Adobe Premiere web-based rough cut editor and annotation tool fine-grained permission management web-based previews intuitive, customizable user interface comprehensive video format support.


Built-in Transcoder

The Cantemo Portal™ transcoder offers format detection, transcoding, quality control and manipulating multiple asset formats. This allows you to store multiple formats of the same asset for creation, editing and distribution. The lowres copy, usually created automatically upon ingest, is an example which is used for browsing the asset in the web. Other transcode profiles can be used manually or set up as an automated step in the ingest process to create multiple formats of the same asset.

Non linear editing

Seamless media, metadata, and sequence exchange with the major non-linear editing applications, including Apple Final Cut Pro 7, Apple Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.




The web based Annotation Tool allows you to create metadata entries with a timespan, down to a single frame, against a media item. For all these logging and annotation types:

  • Compliance logging
  • Sports logging
  • Long-form annotations
  • Edit approval



Rough Cut editing

The web based Rough Cut Editor allows you to create simple edits of media either from one source assert or multiple to create new sequence data. Finish off your sequence in your favorite NLE or conform to a new asset.



Create automated rules and workflows for sharing and distributing of assets. These rules are seamlessly triggered by e.g. metadata changes in the system.

  • 1. Ingest content through file import or upload, or single/multi-camera or VTR ingest using external ingest tools such as just:in from Tools on Air. The growing file support allows previewing and even start editing the asset while it's being ingested.
  • 2. Manage all assets in the core of the system and initiate workflows tailored for your business logic.
  • 3. Annotate the video and create an EDL before editing in your favorite NLE to save time and resources. EDL's are opened without any file movement and annotations forwarded to the NLE's supporting events.
  • 4. Distribute or playout your assets in the format required. Choose to include metadata in different formats using XML transformation mappings.
  • 5. Create predefined automated rules to push/pull content to/from a near-line or archive.

Multiple Sites

Cantemo Portal™ workgroup MAMs installed in regional locations, replicating both assets and metadata to the main site. Customized rules based on metadata and/or specific triggers in the system can be set up to initiate push/pull methods to make sure that the assets are replicated back to the main central MAM. Cantemo Portal™ Enterprise MAM working as a main repository globally, automatically collecting and pushing assets including metadata to the global nodes. The enterprise node is set up in a redundant fashion connected to an LTO for long-term archive of assets.