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MediaBeacon R3volution

MediaBeacon R3volution is an award-winning Digital Asset Management system. It's easy to use, easy to administer, and easy to change. Plus, with HTML5, it runs just as well on an iPad as it does on a desktop. No apps required. Other solutions hem you in. MediaBeacon sets you free. It's the perfect way to save time, money, and creative sanity.

MediaBeacon is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) suite. We believe in open standards, strongly attached metadata, organic enterprise search, and widget-based interfaces. Other solutions hem you in. We believe in setting you free. Free to choose the right components for your business. Free to use the systems you already use. Free from proprietary formats. MediaBeacon empowers your users without imposing rigid workflows. It's the perfect way to free your files.


Finally: an enterprise search engine that dovetails seamlessly with DAM. R3Search expands the search options in MediaBeacon to include an organic enterprise search that allows users to think about search as an analytical or discovery option. R3Search lets you build searches exactly how you think: one piece at a time.


Guarantee that assets have all the metadata they need to enter your workflows. Once assets are placed in the M3TAForm, a workflow can begin that requires certain metadata fields to be filled in by the user. It can reach out to other corporate or web systems to do metadata lookups.


MediaBeacon Publishing

MediaBeacon Publishing brings award-winning Digital Asset Management to Adobe® InDesign®. This unique product links assets that are timely, relevant and correct to your InDesign documents and users.

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Aspera Integration

Aspera is 10x – 100x faster that FTP and web-based transfers. With speed like that, MediaBeacon gives even better throughput over high-loss and high-delay networks. Distant offices maximize productivity.